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Conventional brush clearing in Texas typically utilizes a method of "Plowing" or "Grubbing", which causes soil disturbance, as well as creating brush debris that will need to be hauled or burned. With most of the area experiencing extreme drought conditions, burning is not an option and many landfills will not accept large quantities of brush, which greatly limit disposal options.

Our specialized brush cutting and clearing machines are specifically designed for mastication/mulching of all types of vegetation and treess, regardless of size or density. The chipped and shredded vegetation remains on-site to assist with erosion control.

Benefits of C & S Custom Service brush clearing techniques include:

No brush piles

No burning of brush

No left over tree stumps

No brush hauling

No soil disturbance

Brush is converted to mulch

Environmentally Friendly

Our brush clearing treatment allows selective removal of vegetation while leaving the desirable tree(s) and root structures undisturbed. Wood chips and mulch left on site accelerate the natural decomposition process, reduce erosion and increase moisture retention in the soil, which help preserve and improve the health of the remaining trees and habitat.

About C & S Custom Services

C & S custom services was opened for business in 2005 with one bulldozer. The idea behind C & C Custom Services was to provide affordable brush clearing services to owners of small farms, ranches, and lots in Texas. We have made services available to do small jobs that big contractors were not willing to consider. Jobs such as clearing 1-2 acre tracts, creating walking paths through thick brush, or clearing fence lines.

Today these services are is still available, but C & S Custom Services has grown and has evolved into having the capacity to clear/mulch large acre tracts of land and to clear right-of-ways for oil companies and larger ranch owners.

C & S Custom Services is a one man operation and is fully insured. The owner/operator has over 30 years of experience operating heavy equipment. C & S Custom Services is dedicated to providing quality service with integrity at a fair, competitive, and affordable price.

C & S Custom Services remains available to do affordable property clearing/mulching without involving the large contractor who requires a minimum of 30 days of work just to bring their equipment on to a piece of land.

Brush Shear

C&S also offers shearing for huisache and mesquite brush. Shear the tree flush with the ground and spray the stump. We are able to shear huisache, mesquite and cedar up to 17" diameter and stack up the brush. Our prices are very competitive. Call for estimates.